Considering Whang-Od Oggay as Philippine National Artist

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This movement aims to develop the consideration of Whang-Od Oggay, the most-known and last Kalinga Tattoo Artist, to be the national artist of the Philippines.
The Philippines has also been known by its history and treasures for a long period of time. This time, we are currently living in this era where a tattoo artist is being considered as the best and last Kalinga artist making her to be a 101-year old living treasure of the Philippines. Art, playing a big role to our country, has been pondered by Filipinos and it is time to make a big step for exposing and acknowledging the last mambabatok in our country. The advocacy of this movement is also for the continuance of the revival of our rich tattoo culture which has been unique among others.
Move and sign for the petition and stand for the consideration of Wang-Od Oggay to be known as the Philippine National Artist. It is time to make this step and give her and our country the privilege to be known further not only in our nation but also to other countries.