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Petitioning President, Harvard University Drew Gilpin Faust

Sign the Petition: Condemn Witch-hunts at Harvard!


"It's been a few years now since witch hunting was in vogue in Massachusetts, but the upcoming Social Transformation Conference to be held at Harvard this April 1-2 could help rekindle the practice. Footage from a November 2009 evangelical conference held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village near Honolulu shows scheduled Social Transformation Conference speaker Dr. Pat Francis up onstage, her voice cracking with intensity, shouting out 'In the name of Jesus we break the power, of witchcraft power, every witchcraft power, we drive you out!'

As documented in this video, four of the speakers slated for the "Social Transformation" conference, to be held at the Harvard Northwest Science building, promote the idea that witchcraft is a pressing contemporary societal concern....these apostles represent a Christian supremacist movement whose leaders encourage believers to cleanse the Earth of infidels and competing belief systems."  [See full article:]

Join us in asking Harvard University President, Drew Gilpin Faust, to reconsider any association with such an event and make a public statement condemning these activities.  Use your voice, speak your truth--and spread the word!

Letter to
President, Harvard University Drew Gilpin Faust
I am appalled that Harvard is hosting the Social Transformation speakers on April 1 and 2, 2011. The speakers slated for this conference have espoused hatred and persecution of gay people and have promoted religious discrimination and persecution of non-Christians (to the point of literal "witch hunts").

While I affirm the right to free speech, these particular speakers proselytize religious terrorism with a potent brand of hate speach that is not in the interest of public safety. I have seriously lowered my opinion of Harvard on the basis of this program and sincerely hope you will reconsider any association with such an event.

I also hope that you will consider the legal implications should some unbalanced individuals decide to attack gay or non-Christian people or organizations as a result of this symposium. It is incumbent upon you to make a public statement condemning these activities.