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Chapel Hill Flooding

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Lancaster Court has a long, hazardous history of flooding that threatens the property value of Chapel Hill and the safety of its residents.

Several concerned residents have asked:

  • What happens to our land value if Chapel Hill becomes known as a flood community?
  • Who is liable if a child or adult is injured--or drowns--when playing in the flooded waters?
  • How can we prevent the flooding, instead of just managing the drainage issues?
  • If I was to sell my house in the near future, do I have to disclose that we have flooding and drainage issues?

This petition is the start to resolve those inquiries.

As recent as July 12, 2017, flood heights in Lancaster Court reached the highest it’s ever been—completely engulfing the entire court and surrounding neighborhood yards. Flood levels reached as high as 6 feet in one area and 150 feet wide in another. The cause of the flooding is due to a combination of drainage problems (clogged and/or ruptured) and flood routing.

On that day, 10 children under the age of 12 were seen near the court & yard floodings -- exploring and wading through the waters. As evident by the attached photos and videos, innocent play could quickly turn tragic:

  • nicked by broken glass
  • cut from a sharp rock
  • slipping, falling
  • unconsciousness
  • drowning…

For both children and adults alike, the potential for accidents is severe, and the ensuring outcry for liability would be swift.

Currently, the flood routing drains directly into Lancaster Court, which is then funneled below Ela Road and into Braemar Pond. The Village of Deer Park has acknowledged the draining/flooding issues and hired Chris Burke Engineering to assess and propose solutions.

Unfortunately, their (3) proposed options do not prevent water flow into Lancaster Court—in fact, they actually increase the speed—or amount—of water flowing into the detention area just west of the court between Jeff/Chris and Beth/Mo. Due to the existing drain cloggage and rapid overflow, that area wharfs so much water that it has all but ruined the once-usable yard, turning into a silt-filled marsh. Please see Chris Burke's Stormwater Master Plan for details, specifically pages 15-20

All of the 3 proposed fixes will still flow water to the current areas and still pose dangerous circumstances for the court residents and negative property values in the community. It’s causing soil erosion, which will continue to de-value the land.

Our drainage area harbors the overflow water from Walmart, Regal Cinemas, D&W Fine Pack’s retention pond and the Quail Run neighborhood. With all the water from those areas, ensuring proper drainage & water flow is paramount to our community.

Flooding and drainage issues can lead to short- and long-term property damage that could have a lasting, negative impact on both the resident safety and economic value of our community. As one of the luxurious communities in and around Deer Park, maintaining Chapel Hill's highest level of property value will be paramount to ensuring that our community investment is preserved and our residents are protected in the years to come.

If the flooding is not PREVENTED, we are putting our residents in danger every time it rains and jeopardizing the property values of our community.

If Chapel Hillians rise up together and become one voice for change, then we can prevent these dire circumstances from worsening.

We, the homeowners of Chapel Hill, call on the Village of Deer Park to permanently PREVENT the dangerous Lancaster Court flooding and draining issues impacting our community's safety and property value.

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