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Help Create Big Bend Rio Bravo Binational Natural Area

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The best kept conservation secret in the United States is how Big Bend National Park was never meant to be a national park on the US side of the border only. The original agreement signed in El Paso, Texas on November 24, 1935 called for the creation of a US/Mexico International Park.  

The long proposed Big Bend International Park with Mexico was very close to the heart of President D. Roosevelt who died before it could be established.  In 1944 he said “I do not believe that this undertaking in the Big Bend will be complete until the entire park area in this region on both sides of the Rio Grande forms one great international park.”

We the undersigned call upon the governments and the United States and Mexico to work together in establishing the Big Bend Rio Bravo Binational Natural Area:

1. Big Bend Rio Bravo Binational Natural Area will help to call attention to the importance of protecting the entire Big Bend and adjoining areas in Coahuila and Chihuahua, Mexico, and their fragile environments from development projects that could be harmful to the environment and ecotourism. Protecting this fragile desert mountain region and its wildlife and culture is important to people who live there and to our natural heritage and global ecotourism which is important to the economy of both countries and the world.
2. A Big Bend Rio Bravo Binational Natural Area will help the people of both countries build stronger partnerships along the US Mexico border.
3 - A Big Bend Rio Bravo Binational Natural Area will be an example of how our governments and citizens can pursue through cooperation and collaboration a great humanitarian project that celebrates the border region and helps both countries improve their perceptions of what a border is and what a border can be.

Sponsored by the Greater Big Bend Coalition with support from
the El Paso Sierra Club Group, El Paso, Texas
Learn more and see a map of at Greater Big Bend Coalition.

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