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⚠️ Brazil needs your help ⚠️

The Pantanal, the largest tropical humid area on the planet, is experiencing its BIGGEST environmental tragedy!! The fires in the Pantanal in July and August are the worst in the HISTORY of the Brazilian biome. One of the causes of this is the severe drought that has hit the region, the largest ever recorded in 50 years, in addition to illegal fires. So far, there are about 6.000 thousand fire spots and more than 2.3 MILLION hectares of affected native vegetation. If the flames increase even more, TOTAL degradation of fauna and flora may occur, practically becoming a desert. The fire is threatening the region's great biodiversity, which includes, for the most part, blue macaws (in extinction), toucans, monkeys, anteaters, capybaras, maned wolves and the HIGHEST density of jaguars on the planet. The animals run desperately in search of shelter. Many species are in breeding season and are leaving their nests when the fire approaches. The situation also worsens the respiratory problems of residents of the Pantanal region, in Mato Grosso, and becomes even more dangerous in the current context of the coronavirus pandemic. Our authorities are not doing enough to combat this situation, so we need your help immediately.