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Sign & Share to Fire Whoopie Goldberg from The View!!!!!!!!

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Dear Everyone,

Many of US[A] witnessed how Whoopie Goldberg verbally and near physically assaulted Honorable Jeanine Pirro on The View. Ms. Goldberg’s conduct was Un-American, unprofessional, hateful, and biased in that the Program invited Judge Jeanine to the Show to express her views, and when she attempted to do so she was assaulted and berated by Ms. Goldberg in a condescending manner. Ms. Goldberg is not an objective advocate / commentator and she poses a serious danger in that she attempts to convey her lack of objectivity in a manner that is deceivingly unfit for adults let alone our children. If you agree, kindly sign and share this Petition.  Thanks. Joseph Q. Mirarchi