Send U​.​S Jets to Poland for Ukraine - SIGN & SHARE PLEASE

Send U​.​S Jets to Poland for Ukraine - SIGN & SHARE PLEASE

March 9, 2022
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Attorney General Kamala Harris and 11 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Danielle Osterhout

As Americans, we have the ability to help in the Ukraine war. That is why the simple request for sending our U.S.A Jets to Poland will help in defending Ukraine's airspace. This is of the utmost importance to end the war.

The US government said that they did not want to get further involved because they are afraid Putin will then attack the United States and bring us further into the war. This is completely untrue if you know anything about Putin.

We are already on Putin's radar because of:

  • the sanctions,
  • the decline of the ruble,
  • the fact that we are no longer purchasing Russian oil
  • phasing out Russian energy by end of the year,
  • support of Ukraine by intelligence, supplies and weapons.

These are already reason enough for Putin to drag us further into the war at some point. Therefore, stop him now before he can attack us later or rally allies from other countries.

The best defense for Americans and our economy, Ukraine, countries housing refugees, peaceful Russians, and humanity is to make Ukraine victorious in this war!

America has a history of engaging in wars for democracy and freedom of countries. But it is also known that they engage in these wars because said country has resources that America finds helpful to ourselves. That is a very selfish reason. We should help because help is asked for and is deserving of our help. Not because of what we would get for our efforts.

The sooner this war ends the safer the world is! That includes Americans, as well as, American economy, but more importantly...

Humanity and freedom for all in the world. Not just for those who have something valuable that we want or have a signed agreement with NATO or the European UN.

Thank you for your support!

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Signatures: 295Next Goal: 500
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