SignPetitionforSC2SuoMotoon PNB-Nirav Modi/Choksi,NPAssets,reaudit12YrsWaiversby UnionGovt

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16/2/18:“ “My Live Show on PNB Scam-Sneha TV-” &  2/3/18 Live Show-“How Safe Our Banks Are..” :”

DEMAND SUPREME COURT  TO ACCEPT THIS PETITION  AS SUO-MOTO ON  DEMAND “1)TO PROSECUTE NIRAV MODI,CHOKSI-PNB NEXUS LOOT(5100Crores Recovery as claimed now-Accountability? Has it been restored to PNB-proof..!?,SURITIES TO LOAN 15,000 Crores..!?),    2) ENQUIRY INTO NPA’s-NON PERFORMING ASSETS(10 lakh Crores-benefitting..?) OF ALL BANKS LEADING TO BANKRUPTCY-NON-ACTION BY BANKS,RBI & OTHERS..!? 3) TO RE-AUDIT 12 YEARS OF UNION BUDGET WAIVER OF LAKH OF CRORES TO KNOW PURPOSE & BENEFICIARIES WHICH WOULD EXPOSE VICIOUS NEXUS(FOR RECOVERY & PENAL ACTION).. IN Ref:WHEN FARMERS/FAMILIES/STUDENTS/MSMES etc COMMITTING SUICIDES OR DENIED OPPURTUNITIES/ OR BROKE FOR LACK OF SUCH SUPPORT..?!.BANKS RUN ON PUBLIC DEPOSITS & THEY ARE MORTGAGED WITH LONDON BANK FOR BIG MONEY-THEN WHY ARE THEY IGNORED?. 4) CAN BANKS LEND..?.                               22/2/18:Punjab National Bank Scam In continuation from my 16/2/18 Story-Why Govt or Banks,RBI,Investigating Agencies,CIBIL, Bank Trade Unions failed to make it public List Of Wilful Defaulters(released in live show on 21/2/18) when common man (farmer,student,personal loan etc) on a small default harassed on all fronts including regular listing by CIBIL-Dr T.Siva Prasad Reddy,Independent Journalist,9440465339.