Include Nurses in COVID-19 Federal Funding Assistance

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Specifically include nurses and frontline healthcare workers in COVID-19 Federal and State financial relief packages.

During COVID-19, many nurses and frontline healthcare workers have worked tirelessly at great risk to themselves and their families to save lives. At the same time, many hospitals closed non-COVID 19 units and thousands of nurses willing to be in the fight were sent home without pay.

While our government has allocated funds to help hospitals, institutions and small businesses, they have not included nurses or other frontline healthcare workers in these funding streams. There are currently NO assurances that funds will be passed through governments, institutions and corporations to help keep our workforce whole. Yet, if they are called upon, nurses who have been neglected, will once again risk health and family to be where they feel called to be: at the bedside saving lives.

We must thank them for their service and ensure they are not overlooked in funding initiatives designated to keep our healthcare systems whole!