Stop Packaging Toilet Paper in Single Use Plastic

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Each year Australian bums wipe through 2.164 billion rolls of toilet paper*.

The toilet paper options offered in supermarkets is severely lacking, with almost all the products wrapped in unnecessary single use plastic. 

That's why we're calling on the major supermarkets and manufacturers to switch from packaging toilet paper in plastic to recycled paper. 

We need to save the dumping for the toilet, not our beautiful ocean and water ways that are being destroyed by our obsession with plastic. 

If you care about the environment and want the manufacturers to stop with their crappy packaging, please sign our petition.  

Save our planet from the ridiculous excess of plastic before it's too late.

This petition is put forward by Peloton for Plastic. You can watch our documentary through 

* Australia’s estimate per capita toilet paper consumption in 2018: 88 rolls per person