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Sign: Garden Bros. Circus, Stop Abusing Animals for Entertainment!

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Despite an appalling record of beatings, illness and death, Garden Bros. Circus continues to exploit, degrade and abuse elephants and other wild animals for profit in the name of entertainment. It’s time to finally stop the abuse.

The family behind Garden Bros. has run cruel circuses for decades under an assortment of names, like Wonder Zoo, Piccadilly Circus and Circus Matrix, racking up a mind-boggling list of animal cruelty citations, arrests and lawsuits for everything from fraud to nonpayment of bills.

Notorious for failing to provide proper veterinary care to sick and injured animals, one of their elephants was previously taken by authorities following reports that it was sick and dehydrated. The young elephant later had to be euthanized.

Several years ago, a whistleblower reported brutal animal beatings and withholding of food, leading to USDA citations for a sheep with an untreated leg fracture. The inspector noted that 17 animals were crammed into a trailer so small, they had difficulty even lying down or accessing water.

In their upcoming tour, Garden Bros. is using an elephant act provided by Carson & Barnes Circus, which has its own sordid history of abuse. One trainer was caught on video beating an elephant with a bull hook and inflicting electric shocks on elephants while they screamed in pain.

Many major circuses are ending the use of wild animals in their shows. Ringling Bros. has closed their doors due to failure to evolve from an animal-based circus. Now, it’s time for Garden Bros. to see the writing on the wall and finally leave the animals alone. Sign this petition to urge Garden Bros. to do the humane thing and end the use of captive wild animals in their circus.

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