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Deborah Wagner is the maternal grandmother of Allyvia Grace Miller.  Oct 17th 2008 David and Lisa Miller took Allyvia from her home in MI. to Ohio at their request to babysit Allyvia. Debbie’s daughter was in a coma at Allegiance hospice care.  Jennifer had been diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma.  

Oct 19th 2008 Debbie’s daughter Jennifer passed away in her arms after a long battle with cancer.  Oct 20th 2008 the Millers were granted custody of 3yr old Allyvia without Debbie’s knowledge.  The Millers had only met Allyvia one other time in the state of MI for only an hour.  There was no criminal background done on the Millers and no mention of Debbie as the person that helped raise Allyvia, on the application for custody.  Allyvia’s grandparents were her sole caregivers for the last year of Jennifer’s life.

The court asked no questions about the Mother and required no proof that she had passed away.  The death certificate was not issued until Oct 23rd.  The Millers lied about where the child lived the past year and gave a false address as to the Mothers (Jennifer’s) address.  Debbie was granted "mother's rights" for the sake of visitation only, but the judge in this case is ordering 600 mile round trips every other weekend for this family’s visitation with Allyvia.  The court was unwarranted in giving custody of this child to non-relatives and people that had known her for two days.  The Millers admitted in the trial that they had not known Allyvia and did not want a relationship with her unless they were given custody.

This petition is regarding Allyvia Grace Miller who was taken from her maternal grandmother, Debbie Wagner, and her other de facto parent, Richard, when Allyvia's mother passed away of cancer.  This little girl not only lost her mother at the age of 3, she has been given to unrelated persons (then strangers who made a grab for Allyvia) with known serious criminal histories, one of whom stole morphine from Warren County, Ohio and an abusive history of violence.  No drug testing of this man in this case was ever ordered and no death certificate of the natural mother was presented because it HADN'T BEEN ISSUED YET.  Rights need to be restored in this case to that of Allyvia Grace Miller and her surviving grandmother and the only other person who has raised Allyvia from birth:  Rick, her papa full time and all of the time!!!

No TRUE findings of facts were entered, and NO TRUE conclusions of law were entered and NO PROPER investigation has ever taken place in this case and the regular pattern of contact with the de facto parents has been disrupted unlawfully.

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