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Sign Away Your Life & USA Boxing Will Tell You What To Do With It

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My primary motivation for republishing this petition is to ask Colorado, USA Boxing and the Golden Gloves to allow Boxer's to choose whether they want to compete against senior fighters (ages 18 to 40) or be relegated to fighting people in, roughly, the same age bracket, I'm 43 and I'm being being forced to compete against athletes ages 40 to 53. When pugilist acquire their license, they literally sign away their lives, you could literally die in the ring and some have. In that case, why shouldn't boxer's, like myself, have the right to choose our level of competition. George Foreman won the Heavyweight Title back at 45, Bernard Hopkins won his last title at 48. Sports is about showing people what is possible, that is part of the allure. My goal is to be the first man in boxing history to start his professional career in his 40's and subsequently win the title and unify my division. I've included a link to a recent sparring session between me and one of my athletes,  Watch "Road To The Heavyweight Title Episode I Part III" on YouTube, I'm in all black.

Due to medical reasons, I was forced to retire from boxing in 2005. It took more than 9 years to recapture my health. By the time I gained significant control over my illness which has no cure, I was 40 years old. I went to the New York State Athletic commission to get a professional license and, basically, was denied because of my age. I am capable of competing against any senior fighter between the ages of 18 to 40. If I could average 25 points and 15 rebounds in the NBA, no one would care about my age. In fact, teams would be fighting over me. I'm a better fighter at 43 than I was at 30 in my prime. I just want a chance to prove myself and fulfill my potential as an athlete. 

I also have a related GoFundMe Account, I cannot advance to national competition and enhance my opportunity to go pro unless USA Boxing, Colorado and the National Golden Gloves modifies their bylaws or rules of competition or both, as well as all the other related commissions across the board. Please help me realize my ambition. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this and, hopefully, lend your support by signing, please feel free to share as well. I am also the director of a boxing program in the Bronx, you can go to the following URL to find out more,, thanks.

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