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Designate UAH as Sanctuary for LGBTQ+, People of Color, Immigrants, & Muslims

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 Dear President Altenkirch,

We, the concerned residents of Huntsville, joining calls by many campus communities across the country, urge the board of trustees of the University of Alabama and the Office of the President to declare and designate the University of Alabama in Huntsville as a sanctuary for LGBTQ+ individuals, immigrants, people of color, Muslims and other religious minorities, and people that are differently abled. The UAH community is home to over 500 international students, and roughly 30 percent of our student population identifies as part of a minority racial, ethnic, or religious group. Without delay, please create an infrastructure and establish a clear protocol that will protect our community members from physical, psychological, and emotional harassment, intimidation, unwarranted investigation, and deportation.

Please let the local, national, and global community know that UAH stands by its Mission Statement that the university is “guided by principles of ethics,” values inclusiveness and diversity, and cultivates “a passion for improving the human condition” by publicly proclaiming UAH as a safe haven for LGBTQIA individuals, immigrants, people of color, Muslims, and people with disabilities before the end of January 2017.  As a center of innovation and critical thinking, UAH can lead the way in Alabama as champion and defender of human rights for all, regardless of phenotype, gender identification, territorial origin, religious affiliation, or physical ability. Thank you for your kind attention and prompt action on this vital matter.

Sincerely yours,

The Concerned Residents of Huntsville, AL


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