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Patricia McGuire
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Dear Friends:

Opus Peace, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, is on a mission to provide programs that respond to Soul Injuries generated by unmourned grief and unforgiven guilt that occur during trauma, abuse, and self-neglect. More than 10,000 dying Veterans taught their Hospice nurses about the ravages this oftentimes insidious injury caused. Signing this petition to proclaim January as National Soul Injury Awareness Month will prompt identification, treatment, and research about Soul Injury.


Soul Injury National Proclamation:

WHEREAS, each year millions of lives are affected by traumatic or insidious injuries that accompany the aftermath of war, violence, abuse, neglect, betrayal, or serious illness; and

WHEREAS, the mental and emotional distress that accompany these injuries often goes unrecognized, untreated, and misunderstood, creating a gaping hole in our society that is filled with Unmourned Loss and Unforgiven Guilt/Shame; and

WHEREAS, Unmourned Loss and Unforgiven Guilt/Shame are generating overlooked, unassessed SOUL INJURIES that cause emotional pain, sabotage lives, and lead to increased levels of fear, strife, hatred, violence, despair, and suicide in our society; and

WHEREAS, these SOUL INJURIES separate one from their personhood and cause them to feel personally defective, inadequate, or unworthy; and

WHEREAS, there is a blatant cultural fear surrounding emotional pain, guilt, and shame; and

WHEREAS, individuals are encouraged to minimize, deny, and numb their emotional pain, guilt, and shame; and

WHEREAS,  the traumatic and insidious effects of SOUL INJURY can be eased by raising community awareness, providing professional education/training, and teaching individuals how to re-own, re-home, and re-vitalize scattered pieces of self carrying the SOUL INJURY; and

WHEREAS, healing individual SOUL INJURIES can lead to healing the SOUL INJURIES our Nation has suffered through war, terror, and divisiveness which can lead to a renewed sense of wholeness for our Nation.

Now, therefore, we petition Congress, Local and State officials to declare January as National Soul Injury Awareness Month in the United States of America, and to encourage citizens, organizations, and communities to raise awareness about SOUL INJURY by:

  • Promoting dialogue on SOUL INJURY among family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, faith and civic-community members
  • Work with Opus Peace to Host a community-engagement event on SOUL INJURY
  • Participating in monthly SOUL INJURY insight assignments during the year
  • Wearing an “Ask Me about SOUL INJURY” button

Please forward this petition to others and call YOUR state Senator and ask them to be the change agent to bring awareness to your community by declaring January as Soul Awareness Month. Contact numbers can be found in this file: .


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