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Electoral Reforms now represent a major Citizens Charter of Demand to the National Assembly for the year 2020. The Electoral Act Amendment Bill is now the most sought-after legislation by the people of Nigeria.

Whereas the Senate has promised a 2020 passage of the Electoral, nonetheless we must insist on a December 2020 deadline. “For Nigerians who are really keen on the matter (electoral reform bill), we are also ready in passing it. Members of the committees are ranking senators and former governors with experience, and we have gone through these reports, so I believe Nigerians will be happy with the final Electoral Act 2020,” said Senator Kabiru Gaya, the Chairman, Senate Committee on INEC.

Ten years after Electoral Act 2010 was passed, Nigerians are eager to have a brand new Electoral Act 2020 (Repeal and Re-enactment). This is doable. There is no better legacy on Electoral Reforms, than for the 9th National Assembly, to give Nigerians a brand new Act this year.

The passage of this bill will strengthen the electoral process, guarantee free, fair and credible elections, and will also be a heavy-lifting of burden on the judiciary, which has been calling for electoral reforms and amendments to some laws governing our elections.

Nigerians will be most delighted to have Electoral Act 2020; and so also will Yiaga Africa, Center For Liberty, Raising New Voice, Millennials Active Citizenship Advocacy Africa and other partners that are demanding for a people-driven Electoral Reform, and with the support of the Open Society Initiative for west Africa, European Union, National Democratic Institute, MacArthur Foundation, USAID, DFID and others.