Save Diesel the Husky

Two nights ago my husky escaped out of the house while we were sleeping. While he was out running around town all night he attacked two calves, both which ended up dying. We just had a hearing where the county attorney said it was too dangerous to let him go even if we left town. I decided to take it to trial with a heavy heart knowing I didn't have much of a chance to save him. So in two weeks they will make the final decision about my precious baby boy. I've read about stories like this online, never once dreaming it could ever happen to me. This is one of the toughest things I've ever had to deal with in my life. Please fellow husky owners we need to make sure they don't put my dog down.  He does not deserve to die because his instincts kicked in. I promise he will never harm any other animal in his life, we just can't stand the fact that someone can make a decision as to whether our family member can live or die. We need to stick together and show the judge that maybe there is another way to fix this without having an innocent dog murdered.

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  • Judge, Kinsley Municipal Court
    Honorable Julie Cowell

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