Fair Compensation For Altamont Care Community Employees!

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If you respect frontline workers please consider signing this petition! During this pandemic Altamont Care Community has been one of the hardest hit with the COVID-19 virus and yet our staff continue to show up everyday to care for the residents that we love. As a result, a large number of our staff compliment have fallen ill with COVID-19 and are not permitted to come to work. It has been brought to my attention that Sienna Senior living has hired PSWs and CSAs this past week as auxiliary staff. These individuals are doing tasks such as feeding residents, portering residents and odd jobs. They have agreed to pay these PSWs $40/hour!!! Even with the pandemic pay top up Sienna Employees don’t make anywhere close to this, but Sienna employees are expected to train these individuals for the same job!  This is a completely UNFAIR wage gap. Sienna Senior Living needs to DO BETTER and compensate their own employees properly, who have been working tirelessly from the beginning!! WE ARE NOT DISPOSABLE. Your own employees that have been frontline workers from day 1 of this pandemic, risking their own lives to show up and be there to care for the most vulnerable. We have comforted and held the hands of dying residents whose own families are unable, because we love them as family! We have shed MANY MANY tears over the amount of death this horrible virus has caused, and in the same breath we have had to wipe those tears and continue working. Shame on you Sienna for preying on kind hearts and compassionate souls. Shame on you Sienna for thinking that we accept this disrespectful treatment. We ask that Sienna provide its workers with 1. Retroactive Pandemic Pay and 2. Match unfair wage gaps. I have personally dedicated 11 years of my life as an RPN to working for this long term care home and I care daily for our society’s most vulnerable and I DESERVE BETTER.  My co-workers DESERVE BETTER. And we deserve to be shown respect by being compensated fairly for the hard and dangerous work we are doing. Together let’s let Sienna know this is UNACCEPTABLE and we won’t stand for it.