Cauvery Issue - A Scientific & Permanent SOLUTION!

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Dear Chief Ministers of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu,

What is the cause of the Cauvery Issue?  

The reason is that we treat water as a 'Commodity'.  It is treated as something that we can just exploit, and not worry about where the water is coming from.  Is water really infinite?  

                          The answer is "NO".  

Water is a finite resource.  The sources of the water need to be safeguarded if the water inflow to the river has to be maintained.

Where does the River get its water from?  

Trees and Forests attract moisture, this percolates into the soil, and flows down streams and finally into river .  So, why is the water inflow reducing?  The answer is simple:

                    "We are destroying our Trees and Forests!"  

So, as we exploit the water increasingly to irrigate crops, and to provide water to our cities, the situation is becoming impossible.  Our use of water is increasing, while the inflow of water is reducing!   We are obviously bound to have a problem.

So, what is a sensible and intelligent solution to the problem?   Is spending hundreds of crores of the tax payer's money on lawyers an intelligent solution?  Is bundh-hartal and burning vehicles an intelligent solution?  


Should we change our ignorant ways?  

Should we save our forests and trees that provide the water to the river?  

Should we change our 'water intensive' cropping methods?

Should we ask our cities to preserve and take care of their own local lakes and water bodies, for local consumption, instead of pumping water from a river hundreds of kms away?

Isn't it obvious we have been going in the wrong direction for hundreds of years?  Now, if you are serious about solving this, not only for us, but for our future generations, our children...........  

Then, solve the root causes of this problem:

1)  Destruction of Forests / Felling of Trees

2)  Dependence on Drinking Water projects for Urban cities

3) Dependence on Irrigation projects for Crops (because of shifting to water intensive cultivation by farmers)



I.  Safeguarding Forests / Water Source:

A)  Cancel all permissions to Destroy forests, either to Railways, or the Power Transmission Cos. No Deforestation should be allowed anywhere in the River Basins of Cauvery or its tributaries.  Strict  action against timber felling and Timber MAFIA.

B)  Aggressive Reforestation of depleted forests, with native species. 

C)  Increase Forest Tree Cover in both private and government lands , in all the river basins, alongside the Cauvery and tributaries. (Sacred Groves)

            Policy:  Mandatory 30% Native Forest Trees in all lands.

II.  Reduce Dependence on River:

A)  Ask cities to regenerate LOCAL Water Sources such as lakes for local use.  Demolish all constructions on lakes, both public and private, and rejuvenate lakes and use treated water from lakes for city’s use.

B)  Retrain Farmers in low water use methods , and sustainable              methods of farming such as ‘Zero Budget Natural Farming’, of Padmashree Subhash Palekarji, which require only 10% water as compared to conventional modern agriculture.  (90% reduction in consumption)

Policy:  Incentives to farmers for adoption of “Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF)” technique.  (Andhra has already announced subsidy for ZBNF)

III.  Safeguard the River Ecosystem:

Policy:  Incentives for Sustainable Construction using local resources such as mud earth construction, discourage use of cement.   Strict action against Sand MAFIA.


 Citizens of this country!

 (Problems and Solutions table image on this link)

Some more suggestions

Take immediate action to:

1. Ensure the catchment area for Cauvery is protected
2. Plant millions of trees to increase the rainfall
3. Launch 'Save Cauvery' initiative as a National priority initiative and get all governments together. (Like Namami Gange project)
4. Promote water conservation in agriculture. It also includes shifting to crops that need less water
5. Mandate rainwater harvesting for ALL properties, urban and rural

In Bengaluru and other cities, we should do the following:

1. When river water is piped hundreds of kilometres away, ensure water is not lost to leakages - fix unaccounted water loss ( currently at 49%)
2. Promote water conservation awareness and significantly increase water tariff for consumptions higher than basic needs (135 Litres/person/day)
3. Mandate gated communities and apartment complexes to have metered water supply for each dwelling unit
4. Rejuvenate lakes to make it an additional source of water. Prevent over extraction of groundwater. Treat sewage water and grey water and provide for non-potable uses through dual plumbing
5.  Prepare a water management plan for cities taking into account groundwater tables, lakes and rainwater 

References: - CAF's Neerathara Neeru