Brock to receive what he rightfully and honestly won.

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Sidchrome Tools announced a competition to win $10k of tools. 

Brock had entered the competion, and he gained over 2.3k votes. He was clearly in the winning spot... however on Monday night, the company posted on their facebook page saying that there was fraudulent votes of some sort & are now choosing a winner based off video creativity.

Brock was literally 2.3k votes ahead of the person in second and it’s all gone to waste? He is a hard working and well deserving winner. 

It is extremely unfair for the company to change the rules of the competition just because someone who rightfully deserves to win, has many more votes than the other entrants. 

His entry was shared across social media allowing him to gain so many votes. These votes are real and not fraudulent!! Social media has the power to change lives and that is what happened here.

You can view Sidchrome tool's post here. Please comment "#ivotedforbrock" to show your support at the link below.

Please sign this petition to show Sidchrome tools that people genuinely support Brock and they did genuinely vote and that there were no fraudlent votes going around. Brock deserves to win and he shouldn't miss out on what he rightfully and honestly won because the company decided to change the rules for their benefit.