We would like our friend back.

We would like our friend back.

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Started by Denzel S.

Since 2019, We've felt as though our brother has parted ways from our family leaving us to draw our own conclusions as to what's really going on. 
We know he found love and kicked us to the curb but that's not what's been worrying us. 
We want to be able to call him, have a beer with him and play sports with him like the good old days. We also understand that we're living in a very unpredictable time and that everyone's schedule is subject to weekly changes. It's not that we expect you to come out every week, we just miss our cronem. 
We're not the Sicko's without big AA. 

Should you feel the way we feel we encourage you to sign this petition to reunite AA with the $icko's !!! 

Shout out to all the real niggas world wide. LIVE ON LIVE LONG!

9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!