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To my Sickle Cell Family




It’s 3 a.m. (October 17, 2012)and I can’t sleep because of endless thoughts of compassion for my Sickle family.

How often have you heard the question “Why does Sickle Cell not get the same exposure as Breast Cancer & other diseases?”

Well I know the answer. I’ve known the answer for a while now but my question was how do I give that to a group of my peers with their own very opinionated ideas? As I was dosing off to sleep the answer has me wide awake. Some of you already know the answer as well but refuse to follow suit. We’ve got to decide as a people what’s most important. Is it having


it your way or our way? Okay I’ll cut to the chase. What does Breast Cancer awareness have that we don’t? mmmhmmmm?

1 logo. No matter where you go in the world that pink ribbon represents for Breast Cancer, without anyone ever saying a word.

I’d like to introduce to some & present to all others the GO SICKLE logo. Let’s forget about who came up with the idea for a moment because at this point it really doesn’t matter. We want Sickle International Corporate Kind Loving Exposure!!! Can we all agree to that? We are one body with different members. So I want to use this next idea as an example only but please know it can become a reality but it’s all up to us. So in a perfect Sickle world we have the 1.Go Sickle logo representing all over the world. Then we have 2. CILLY CELL (Go Sickle Children’s Division) 3. Mr. T.J. & Xooma Miss Cindy Hill (Go Sickle Natural or holistic health Division) 4.WDC (Go Sickle Blog Talk Radio Division) just to name a few and the list can & will go on and on. Are we getting the picture? Can you see international exposure for Sickle cell doing it that way? By no means am I saying or asking anybody to get rid of their logos, just join forces. My t-shirts use to be just “CILLY CELL” but I have recently added the Go Sickle logo and it gave it a whole new look and representation. It showed I had an army of Sickle soldiers behind me and we’re on one accord. I was told that the pink ribbon gets placed outside the Whitehouse once a year. If we could have just one thing outside the Whitehouse yearly representing Sickle Cell would it really matter who’s logo it is; as long as it’s something positive? All I can do is give you what GOD has given me and I dare not disobey him! It’s our time now!! We’ve got some catching up to do so I’m asking any and every one to contact me if you’re ready to Go Sickle in the name of Sickle patients everywhere. Starting January 1, 2013 I’m asking everyone to change their profile pictures to the Go Sickle logo until December 31, 2013. Why 12 months? Well like I was saying, we’ve got some catching up to do. Give me 12 months and if you don’t see a drastic change around the world on behalf of Sickle Cell patients using this method then you can go back to having it your way. We are worth it and we deserve it. IT’S OUR TIME NOW!!! We can’t continue to do the same thing and expect different results. So if we want to see something


different and see international exposure on our behalf; we’ve got to do something different. I pray that everyone that sees and reads this vision in plain English will run with it in JESUS name!!!

Habakkuk 2:2

Please don’t send negative replies to this but all questions and suggestions are welcome but please let’s be polite and loving to one another. Charity begins at home and is then shared abroad. Please don’t be offended if I didn’t mention your name or business in the examples. The people I used had no idea and I love you all and want you all, your gifts, your talents, your businesses, organizations & ministries to all be a part of this movement. This is a

no Sickle left behind request. Neither I nor you can do it alone. But together we can move mountains of ignorance, ridicule, mistreatment, false information, stereotypes, disappointments, mistrust and broken promises etc.

Think about it, pray about it and even talk about it amongst yourselves if need be but most importantly let’s do something about it. People always say “if you don’t vote then don’t complain about the state of the world.” If we, our friends and our families etc. are not willing to do something that doesn’t cost us a thing but a very, very small amount of time by changing our profile picture, to show our love, support and commitment to Sickle Cell; in 2014 let’s cease the

complaints. Why 12 months? Why every day of the year? Because someone with Sickle Cell is hurting every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week and every month of the year. So can I count you in? Are you ready to Go Sickle? I believe 100,000 voices for Sickle Cell can cause a Tsunami effect on our behalf.

Angie “Sickcillya” Woods says she’ll be the 1st to

“Go Sickle!”

Can we get 99,999 more?




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