Sick pay, rent freeze & help for self-employed workers who can’t work due to coronavirus

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People in employment contracts will receive sick pay for staying home during coronavirus, and many people will be able to work from home. They will keep receiving a salary. 

Most self-employed people instead (including drivers, artists, small shop owners, etc.) will simply see their workflow brought to naught and will stop earning money.  Therefore being unable to pay rent and provide for themselves for we don’t know how long yet. They may need to self-isolate for prevention or because they will be forced to, and events, flights, courses will be cancelled so even when their self-isolation is over, they will still be unable to earn money until life is back to normal, which may take weeks. 

We ask sick pay for those self-employed people who have to / decide to self isolate due to covid19 prevention measures; and some benefit contributions for those workers that, even without or after self-isolating, will still be unable to earn money due to most customers still not booking courses, rides, going out and shopping etc.; we also ask for any mortgage and rent payment to be suspended during this difficult time; finally, we ask that any travel and accommodation booked for work reasons be reimbursed. 

Most of there measures have already been activated in other countries such as Italy. The self-employed industry is a big chunk of the UK market and as such helping self-employed people means not only acting for human rights but also mitigating the damage to the whole country’s economy.