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Sick Leave Protection During Flu Season for Minimum Wage Workers: Protect minimum wage workers during flu season

I am starting this petition because every flu season (minimum wage workers especially) run the risk of losing their jobs for not giving '24 hours notice beforehand' calling in sick. myself, had a case where i was showing symptoms around 4:00pm and was in the hospital dehydrated and passed out around 6:30pm the same day. it was violent and completely unexpected. I, fortunately, am a stay at home mom, so i didn't run the risk of losing my job at that time. I have, however, lost a job asking for maternity leave. Employers of minimum wage workers do not care about well being of their employees (at least the ones I've ever worked for) and we need to do something about this. We can't make anyone care, but we can ask someone trained in the judicial system to write a petition, or bill, to protect minimum worker's rights to call off work (even if it is last minute) during the Flu season (at least)

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  • Sick Leave Protection Dduring Flu Season for Minimum Wage Workers

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