Zoey & Owie's BIG Heart Project - Creating a safer environment at Sick Kids Hospital

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The parents of Zoey and Owen; two children with CHD, who require lifelong care at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, are teaming up to be the voice of the children and families who fight everyday. We want to get the word out, that there needs to be a change in keeping the big germs away from the Atrium  and clinics in the hospital.

The ER should be required to have a seperate entrance for parents with children who are coming in with colds and viruses; that are contagious to children who have no immune systems to fight these bugs.

We need a solution! Kids are dying! Parents are in fear! 

Our kids are being exposed to viruses that could be more contained. There is too much exposure. Allowing contagious patients, free roam of the atrium and allowing sick children to attend clinic visits, while affecting healthy children who have compromised immune systems, needs to stop! 

The hospital needs to have a better way of containing patients inside their own waiting room. Our atrium and clinics should be as safe as we can make them. 

Help us. Let's stop the spread of viruses before they stop our kids lives.

In memory of those gone too soon. We fight in your memory.