Require companies to honour prepaid classes, credits, and packages past their expiry date

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Ever prepay for a series of fitness classes only to find out that they expired when you tried to attend one? Have you ever been unable to redeem a pre-paid service because you could never book an appointment before your pre-paid certificate expired?

Companies shouldn't be able to profit from selling pre-paid services that they know will expire before you have a chance to use them. 

Sign this petition and help create laws to protect Canadian consumers from losing out on services they rightfully paid for.

In all provinces across Canada, there are no rules in place that govern how companies set expiration dates for pre-paid services, including, but not limited to:

  • Pre-paid fitness classes, sessions, credits, packages
  • Pre-paid treatments (everything from oil changes to facials and massage treatments)

Placing unreasonable expiration dates, or not informing customers properly of when their pre-paid services expire, means people are losing money and getting nothing in return.

The following are examples of US states that have enacted laws to protect consumers that have bought pre-paid classes or services:

The state of California does not allow expiration dates on pre-paid certificates. Studio owners in California will need to honor any pre-paid classes purchased as long as their business is still in operation.

Pre-paid services are good for up to seven years. If classes do not have a clearly marked expiration date, they’re considered valid forever.

In the state of Georgia, expiration date law follows the federal law in that pre-paid services can’t expire in less than five years. State law also dictates that it’s illegal to charge an inactivity fee if classes aren’t used over a certain period of time.

Illinois follows suit with Georgia in sticking to the less than five year expiration rule, as well as the law that no post-purchase fees can be tacked on to the package due to inactivity over an allotted period of time.