Offer futuristic changes to $Shib token by burning 589 trillion SHIB end of year 2022

Offer futuristic changes to $Shib token by burning 589 trillion SHIB end of year 2022

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Currently in market there are 589,736,554,848,301 SHIB coins. Imagine for shib to become a valuable coin like for example 1$ it would need constant market value of 589,736,554,848,301$. Or to bring value as 0.5$ market investment should come close to 395 trillion $ approx. Having good value in market would need good equal dollar value. There has been many people invested in Shib coin and look forward to do magic and use it throughout the era of crypto future.

lets compare the Shib with topmost crypto coin Bitcoin having capital of $917.59B. To achieve this Bitcoin almost completed a journey of 12 years with this much of capital against current circulating supply it is not taking the value of shib to any good level forget about better or best. I want to see Shibarmy to be as proud as the way it supports the Shib as dogy coin killer or expects many things from Shib as a magic. Shib army should be glorified having or holding shibs with below solutions.

1. Burning 589 trillion Shibs in a year:
Shibs are currently getting burned but rate of burning is very slow almost negligible. So to keep hopes high of Shib army, Shytoshi or Shib dev team should invest in burning these 589 trillion tokens in year and their burning planning should be verified each quarter of the year with reflecting number in real market. With current rate of burning, current investor will need 200 lifes with each life of 100 years to live and then person will see Shib as $1, I wish human could have that power, but we have a power to request burning excess Shibs.

2.channelising Shib as parent token and creating diff stream under shib supply for meta verse, gaming, entertainment, food, cinema etc and each contributing market growth in parent Shib and losing the tokens in child channel. 

3. whatever the way developer thinks achievable in year.

let’s keep milestone same as listing Shib on Robinhood. Please spread the word and sign with

500,000 users.

Rahul Shinde

74 have signed. Let’s get to 100!