Shutterstock video subscriptions to be rolled back or opt out to be given to contributors

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On 15th Apr'20 Shutterstock sent out a communication to their customers outlining a new subscription service that allows them to buy 4k videos for as low as $10 per video. A 4k video currently currently sells at close to $169. 

This was also the first time the creators of these videos the submitters on Shutterstock got to know of these grand plans. Bringing down the price to 1/10th severely impacts the submitters who depend on this revenue for their lively hood and have invested thousands of dollars in equipment and continue to spend heavily to create top quailty videos using models, props at great locations. 

How does this impact you? As someone who uses this content it effectly kills the ability of submitters to continue making high quality videos, it ensures that many of these submitters remove content from Shutterstock meaning less choice and less current videos. By driving the market pricing down it disincentivizes creators who want to enter thus eliminating easy access to content. 

Calling out to Submitters to pause video uploads to Shutterstock till we get a satisfactory response from them. You'll find better avenues like Pond5 and Adobe stock. Drop them an angry mail at and tweet, instagram them as well. You can use the message below. 

  • We request shutterstock to either roll back this subscription service or allow submitters to opt out their content from the subscription service. Your  current pricing significantly impacts the earnings for your contributors, killing their ability to make new high quality content. Rolling out a deep price cut without even informing the people creating content is utterly disrespectful and shows your lack of concern for them.