Shut Our Schools NOW!

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Greg Hunt, Minister for Health


Corona virus is spreading exponentially in Australia. Our children and teachers are on the frontline. Our elderly are one step away.

Australians are worried that fringe ideas around "Herd immunity" are being seriously considered by our leaders. That corporate and financial concerns are trumping care for OUR people.

The first day the National Cabinet met they invited 3 experts to advise them. One was a Doctor, TWO were experts in MONEY. Money should not be twice as important as our health and our lives!

The PM says we are copying Singapore but we are nothing like them, they screen EVERY student and teacher EVERY day before entering the school.

Many of OUR schools have RUN OUT OF SOAP!

Whilst gatherings of 100 or more are being closed, our schools remain open.

"Economic" reasons are NOT good enough. Dead people do not spend money. Experts are advising that shut downs MUST happen as early as possible.

"Be fast, have no regrets" Dr Michael Ryan


High schools should close immediately and students advised to stay at home. Schools should copy the MANY non-gov school strategies and move online as much as possible.

Primary Schools are being kept open "to keep children away from grandparents?" and to babysit for parents doing essential work.

Grandparents are interacting with these kids ANYWAY and are now MORE vulnerable as schools become breeding grounds for the virus.

Primary schools should close NOW and assist the community by coordinating with volunteers to run child minding for the children of essential workers as needed.

Today the UK closed it's schools, not long after our PM cited UK experts in his decision to force schools to remain open.

The Minister for Health now has emergency powers and can order school closures.

Greg, PLEASE use your authority now. IT WILL save lives.


Our senior citizens, our children, our teachers and our medical workers deserve our help.