Shut Down Under Armour for promoting Trophy-Hunting

Shut Down Under Armour for promoting Trophy-Hunting

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CEO @ Under Armour, Inc. 1020 Hull St. Baltimore, MD 21230 Kevin Plank and

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Started by Salty Dog

Picture: Under Armour Trophy-Hunter Lee Lakosky with a Kodiak Bear killed for promotional gain.

Under Armour sponsors numerous Trophy-Hunters like Kendall Jones, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, Cameron Hanes, and many others, to kill wild animals for sport on different continents in order to promote the sale of Under Armour Hunting Gear.

Trophy-Hunting is not a sport but legalized sociopathy. 

Under Armour trophy hunters flaunt their numerous kills ostentatiously on "UNDER ARMOUR HUNT" social media pages as well as on their personal websites.

Under Armour even goes so far as to target children, encouraging them with the tag #UANext to be the Next Generation of trophy hunters. 

Teaching children to kill animals for sport is animal abuse & child abuse rolled into one. But worse it creates these sociopathic monsters that feel empowered by killing something instead of facing life and finding growth in overcoming difficulties. 

To Patrik Frisk, CEO and Kevin Plank, Founder of Under Armour:

"The inspired spirit of innovation that built your company is contrary to the trophy hunting programs you support and sponsor.

Watching individuals butcher unsuspecting wild animals for the thrill of killing and flaunting pictures of themselves with their kills on social media is something that haunts any conscientious human being.

Your aim to inspire through sport is noble and innovative. Including killing sentient beings into that aim is base, grotesque and inhumane.

Please reconsider and cancel your involvement in hunting. It literally destroys the reputation of your entire company."



310,413 have signed. Let’s get to 500,000!