Shut Down the Foley

Shut Down the Foley

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Why this petition matters

Started by Adam Sherer

The Foley needs to be closed immediately.  Here is a comprehensive list of notable events at the Foley:

Coat Factory, Mini Me, and Skinner go a combined 1 for 41 passing attempts on Steve Young’s Birthday

Mr Mom refuses to roll down the hill, the PAX respond by making him all time pitcher during BP

Skinner promises Disney music and then forgets to bring a working speaker

Out of 6 people that promise to show up for a workout the day after a golf outing, exactly zero follow through.

Coat Factory Qs a workout, 4 hours later he tests positive for COVID.

Help put an end to moments like these, close the Foley forever. 

5 have signed. Let’s get to 10!