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Its important because so many dogs are being bred just to make someone cash.these dogs live in filth and are treated unhumanley day after day.these dogs are bred over and over again until they can not breed anymore.once they cant breed they are "discarded".All these dogs know is a wire cage with no human contact or even the smell of fresh or the taste of clean water and fresh food.They never get the chance to walk on solid ground or know whats its like to lay in a soft warm bed with someone who loves them.They are prisoners of greed across our nation...and these puppymillers have no sympathy for these dogs...they just want the profit these dogs bring with their suffering.You always wonder "how much is the puppy in the window" well how about wondering where it came from and what the parents are like! IF YOU SEEN THE LIVES OF THESE DOGS YOU YOURSELF WOULD WANT SOMEONE TO STOP THIS.These animals are loving creatures..even when us humans treat them like a cash crop.STOP PUPPYMILLS ACROSS THE UNITED STATES! DONT BUY PUPPYS FROM PET STORES! ADOPT A DOG OR PUPPY FROM A SHELTER...Give a dog the loving home and the care they so badly deserve!

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