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Shut down export wing of Gazipur slaughter house in Delhi - Naresh Kadyan

Animals are being abused for personnel gain and profit, Stop export from Gazipur slaughter house and cancel the lease to the following company at once.

- OIPA in India - and

ALLANASONS LIMITED which deals in :

  • Manufacturer and Exporters of Agricultural and Processed Food Products.
  • The second largest net foreign exchange earners in the Indian private sector.
  • Our Product Range :
    Coffee, Marine Products, Frozen Halal Meat, Fruit Pulp, Spices, Canned Products, Tea, Sterilised Meat and Bone Meal.

FRIGORIFICO ALLANA LIMITED a member of ALLANA Group of companies Corned meat manufacturing plant is the most modern integrated meat complex in Asia.

Letter to
Hon'ble Vice President of India
PS to LG of Delhi
Director Veterinary Services
and 8 others
Minister of Environment and Forest
Slaughter House Incharge, Gazipur
Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation
Secretary, Public Grievances Commission
Chief Secretary to Delhi
HE President of India
Director, AWD
OIPA - Indian People for Animals along with Animal Welfare Party raised following questions before MCD:
1. Why Gazipur slaughter house leased out to the FRIGORIFICO ALLANA LIMITED, a member of ALLANA Group of companies, If MCD was not capable and competent to manage as its own then why slaughter house was constructed and why private company got favored / benefited leasing out for a long period 10 years ?
2. Who allowed them to export meat after slaughtering in the premises of the Gazipur slaughter house, under which brand and which species meat are being exported to which countries? Please explain along with the quantity and value of the exported meat, profit earned by the company since beginning till date.
3. OIPA in India placed open notice before MCD to cancel the Gazipur slaughter house lease at once and ban meat export / provide better service conditions to the workers / families as well.
4. Municipal Corporation, Delhi should shut down export wing and why MCD supporting the demand of new slaughter houses establishments in Delhi?
5. Municipal Corporation, Delhi should introduce mechanism to minimize the stress, pain, injury and unnecessary sufferings to all animals brought for slaughtering, in goods transport vehicles. MCD should ensure strict compliance of the animal welfare laws and rules, likewise animal supplier be directed as well to be humane towards animals during their shifting towards Gazipur slaughter house. Matter has been taken by the founder of Animal Welfare Party Naresh Kadyan, representative of OIPA in India - vide No. GNCTD/E/2011/00936 dated August 26, 2011 with the Govt. of Delhi / PRSEC/E/2011/14172 dated 28-8-2011 with the President of India's Secretariat.
The Govt. of India introduce rules and regulation for slaughter houses but every slaughter houses are ignoring these rules, Why?, AWBI failed to implement these rules as well, no proper staff / vet to check animals health before slaughtering.
OIPA in India ready to arrange a workshop to updates knowledge of all officials of the management about animal related legislation's, constitution of a committee is hereby advised to monitor the animal abuse in the interest of natural justice.
Why ISI specified vehicles are not used to carry animals towards slaughter houses, no close circuit TV camera's are being installed, at the entry point, animal house along with the slaughtering place?

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