Shut down Cat Busters Australia

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I’m sure you’ve seen the photos - cats strung up on a bullbar, bloody cats lying next to a gun, cat carcass being used as a stubby cooler...

This is Cat Busters Australia.

This group claim to be eradicating Australia of its cat population (and not just feral cat population!) by hunting, trapping and killing cats they come across. According to their page they claim to be doing this lawfully. But is this actually being investigated regularly?

According to Australian laws, traps must be used humanely, within specific areas and include many strict regulations on how they are to be used. Is this being policed with this group? 

What about the unlawful use of guns? They may have a gun licence but are they using said guns correctly? Within lawful hunting areas and following gun storage and transport laws? Cats cannot be shot on public property by law. Are all cats killed by this group on their private property? 

This group claim to be doing everything legally and so have not been shut down this far. But let’s make sure this is actually policed and looked at closely!