Replace Clive of India statue from Shrewsbury town centre

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Robert Clive was one of the early figures of the British imperial domination of India, Bengal and much of South-East Asia. He was described by Robert Dalrymple as an “unstable sociopath” and he committed mass atrocities and passed catastrophic policies in Bengal that reduced Bengal’s population by a third. He essentially looted the country of Bengal, with the majority of the blood money going straight into his pockets. 

To have a statue commemorating the man that ruined a nation and held innocent people to his barbaric orders is both offensive and embarrassing. Clive as a symbol of British colonialism is significantly offensive to Indian, Bengali and south-east Asian descent and to attempt to justify it as a celebration of British pride and nationalism is only justifiable if one revels in the persecution and murder of millions of innocent people. 

Just because a figure is historical, that doesn’t make him good. He is nothing more than an figure of oppression and white supremacy that has, whether consciously or not, been celebrated and commemorated in Shrewsbury Town centre for hundreds of years. I urge people to look past any sentimental notions they may have attached to the statue or of the pleasing aesthetic that it may imbue onto the town square and realise the more important issue of celebrating a tyrant.

I’m sure the people of Shrewsbury would agree that his behaviour is not representative of our town or our people so the replacement of Clive’s statue with a different Salopian icon is beneficial to all people. 

The preservation of history is integrally important. It is of utmost consideration of what history we wish to preserve and celebrate. This statue is outdated. Let’s commemorate someone more worthy celebration.