Bring down racist Clive statue in Shrewsbury Square

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Future of Clive statue to be debated by Shropshire Council

Shropshire Council has agreed to have a full council debate on whether the Robert Clive statue in Shrewsbury Square should be moved to Shrewsbury Museum at their next meeting - which according to their website is Thursday 16 July, 2020 at 10:00am.

We urge everyone in Shropshire to now directly contact their councillor asking them to vote in favour of:

  1. Removing the statue of Clive from Shrewsbury Square;
  2. Placing the statue in Shrewsbury Museum, with sufficient context and educational material to inform future generations on what Clive did;
  3. Replacing the statue with a Salopian we can all be proud of, such as local First World War hero and poet, Wilfred Owen.

We will share this petition directly with Shropshire Council tomorrow.

David Parton
1 year ago