Light every Corner at the outer of Cities, this 2020: Safe Cities Secured Nation

Light every Corner at the outer of Cities, this 2020: Safe Cities Secured Nation

30 September 2020
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Shri Yogi Adityanath (CM Uttar Pradesh) and 5 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Flight P

It was 6 O clock, the Place I was standing had no light, where was I, I was beside a "Highway", after walking for 10 minutes I reach at the point, from where I was supposed to get an Auto,  to my destination, my camp. This was the last auto, that was supposed to drop me at a place (in "Highway" the two different highway routes at 90 degree - one reaches to my destination). I take the risk, sit in the Auto, Dear Yogi ji, I never depend on anyone until it's very important, so I called my near and dear ones to pick me up from the place Auto will drop me. 

But, I was shocked, the roads were 'so' dark that I can't see even a single light in vicinity. Why? Yogi ji. I am a girl and I don't feel safe travelling even at 6 O clock. I request you to please make a grid of solar lights, near highways, illuminate maps and street-signs, make maps near highways, including villages, especially at outers of city, where situation is more unsafe. 

I don't reach to my destination, I tried to figure out everything in that dark, GPS was not working, phone signal was lost (Why internet connectivity is so poor outside city?). I kept the calm, there came this one place where there was light and Police, both. I immediately asked auto to stop there, I don't want to go further, in a furious tone, in utter shock and disappointment. I scold him so furiously that everyone around just started to look there, because my instinct had known, this is not on my destination and Auto wasn't able to move further. I was saved! Yogi Ji, Not everyone can. What if, this Thiraha wouldn't be there? I am attaching how dark it was! Do you know Yogi ji, after how many kilometres I got this light 5 km away from the Highway, why don't I stop anywhere in between?? Because I can't see anything?               ' I had eyes but I was blind!!'. Why this darkness Yogi ji?

I managed to reach my destination by making a call to home. Thankfully here, were signals, I was saved!

What if I didn't had phone battery charged, what if there was light and no policemen!! What if I wouldn't be able to call to my parents? How would I reach to my home in that dark! Even if nobody would harm me, would I even be able to walk in dark? What if I had challenged myself to stop auto somewhere in dark and went back to my destination? How would I have been Yogi ji? Why there is this darkness in the outer of cities?

I request you as a girl, as a student, and as a citizen of this country, who want to at least walk safely, when nothing else would work. Kindly monitor this issue by yourself as an urgency to at least illuminate outers of cities, maps, billboards and most importantly highways. Because, it is not about just light, it's way more than that. 

I look forward how fast my humble request is accepted. It's all about solar street lights, panic sensors, internet connectivity and basic right to see. 

Attachment: The Video I was able to capture of Darkness.

#Long_live_my_country! #SafeCities! #SafeCitizens

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Signatures: 85Next Goal: 100
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Shri Narendra Modi
  • Shri Yogi Adityanath (CM Uttar Pradesh)
  • Uttar Pradesh State Highway Authority
  • Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Department
  • Uttar Pradesh Human Rights Commission