There should be General Category Quota

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As per the reservation system of India SC, ST and OBC classes are getting some percentage of quota which varies in state level. Whereas The Supreme Court of India ruled in 1992 that reservations could not exceed 50%, but there are state laws that exceed this 50% limit and these are under litigation in the Supreme Court.

Where the qualifying marks in different eligibility tests and higher studies entrance tests for reserved categories are very less  as compared to General categories. e.g. In JEE Main 2017 the cut off marks are "GEN- 81, OBC-49 ,SC-32, ST-27". Here are the links of the cut off marks for GATE,NET etc.

Even the reserved category students who score above general cut off are considered in Unreserved category. So the Reserved Category students who falls below the general threshold are getting better chances through this reservation system. As a result of this higher progressive machinery the General category students are not getting fair chance which is their right. It creates a racism again among the future intellectuals of India, to avoid which the reservation system was proposed.

If this type of system will go on, the meritorious students/job aspirants will not get proper chance whereas less eligible fellows are getting same, then how India will Grow ? It hampers the success of India as a whole, which is to be thought over. So If we want to give our SC,ST,OBC fellows a platform to enhance their intelligence, there should be some changes in the cut off marking plan for all exams as UR, GN, OBC, SC, ST.

We should introduce a quota for General Category as (27-30)%, where the present reservation quota for OBC,SC, ST are 27.5%, 15%, 7.5% respectively.

If we arrange the cut off marks in Ascending order, the gap between two consecutive marks should be less and fixed.  And  Accordingly all other rules should be reformed.

So there will be no need to revoke existing quota system, every category will get justice. And the future of India will be in safe hand.

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