Animal welfare and strict action on people who hurt animals

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Hi guys my name is Arnav I’m 11 years old I live in Mumbai 

Yesterday in Kerala ,an innocent elephant was killed in an extremely disturbing and gruesome way

it was extremely hungry and was fed pineapple filled with firecrackers by the locals !!!! And the elephant was such a sweet ,and trusting soul it calmly ate the pineapple . Later it was in immense pain as the crackers bursted in its stomach .. and yet, it didn’t harm anyone it just went to a river and just stood there the elephant was also pregnant with a baby! It stood there and died a few hours later .the most heartbeat moment is that it was so trusting and when it was in so much pain it didn’t even have anyone.

i hope you sign this petition for animal rights and strict action against people who harm animals


Thanks for reading