Make Single Platform for Blind Students to Access Educational Audiobooks

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A blind student wanted to learn from our State Board's Educational Textbooks. She said, she wanted to hear the 4/5 textbook. What could I do for her? I started recording the text in audio format on my phone. That was a very helpful and practical solution. But the problem with this is that it took 2 whole months for me to record few textbooks and send it to her.

In a quest to find a more sustainable and urgent solution, we launched the Let's Record Initiative on 24th March, 2020 - the day when lockdown was announced in India. Let's Record is one of the first initiatives launched within 8 hours from the announcement of lockdown. Today there are many people / Students, including some from outside India, who have joined hands as Let's Record volunteers. 

Why we started Let's Record? 

There are more than 5 million blind students in India alone. They are the same right to be educated as any other person. However, a major problem blind students face in the course of their education is unavailability of accessible study material.

Audiobooks are one of the means by which print impaired students can access books and texts. Similarly there are a lot of people in our country who want to work for a social cause and are looking for a platform to engage themselves in it.

We urge the Maharashtra State board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education  to build a mobile application where a blind student can easily access the existing audio books, also able to request the books they want to record 

If this application is built, and if it goes on to become a single largest platform providing study material to blind students, it will undoubtedly benefit blind students and make education more accessible for them through audiobooks.