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There should be only one law for RAPISTS- "Hang Till Death"

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Hello folks,

Today we are starting this petition just to make a change which is must. #RightForTheRight

"A four year girl gets raped at school by two PT teachers."
Well I hope most of us are familiar with this headline. Or I may say "THESE HEADLINES".
Because this seems so common these days, that no day passes without one such news.
And what do we do? Read them, abuse the convict and then FORGET it. I am not talking about everybody, but most of the people are like that. I may include myself because I was much of a "less"reactor though I felt bad. But today I am on an urge to write this because till when are we going to endure this shit?
Because the maximum punishment given to the one found guilty is "imprisonment for life", and in the most severe cases "death penalty". So now, I ask: who are we to decide which case is severe and which one isn't? I know no law. But at least I am fair enough to myself that I can see what is right and what is wrong. So u say a "gang rape" or constant "rape for days" is severe. And what about those getting harassed or molested every day at home, workplaces, public places?? And and and what about those "MARITAL RAPES" which are not even considered as a legal rape?
So now my question is to the YOUTH. Our youth, my youth- we all believe in change. After the Nirbhaya case Indian constitution brought quite well changes in the laws against rape. Every "candle march" was worth it I may say. But the fight isn't over yet. we need to go even harder.
Why not another march? But this time not against the convict to get justice, but against the law. Why a person committing this crime is not "hanged to death" immediately. Let it be molestation, harassment or rape. Why can't this change be brought in our Constitution?
The people performing this impure action must have a fear, FEAR OF DEATH. I read somewhere that every 36 minutes a woman is being abused, so according to my calculations "40 men a day" can be hung. Now isn't this number terrifying? And let's not here be gender biased. Even men face such violations. So why not the same punishment for a female doing the same. But my question again is, will this change ever happen? And today I would say YES. Because, just like me,1000s of people are burning in the same fire.
We don't need good public helpers, judges, police men, politicians, doctors, artists or engineers. No, our country has enough of them. But now we do need SOME GOOD HUMANS on this planet. Because HUMANITY is something we have started lacking.
People IN with this cause are most welcome. Let's see how far we can stretch this. Because this is the most worth it cause. Let those monsters, no matter a common man or a well-known, fear his/her death. Let the system actually scare the shit out of them so that they think 1000 times before committing the crime.
Please sign this petition and make this movement a success. Every single sign counts a lot. And, with all my humbleness I request you to share it too.
#ThinkWiseBeWise -Join the movement, be the change.

Thanking you all.

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