Petition : "Revise the current CBSE academic Curriculam and Assessment policy (2017-19)".

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Shri Prakash Jawadekar,

Ministry of Human Resource and Development, India.

Ms. Anita Karwal,

Chairperson, Central Board of School Education, India.

Ms. Maneka Gandhi,

Ministry of Women and Child development, India.

Shri Jagat Prakash Nadda,

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India.

Ms. Stuti Kacker,

Chairperson, National Commission for protection of Child Rights, India.

Prof. Saroj Yadav,

Project Co-ordinator, Adolescence Education Program, India.

Petition : Revise the current CBSE academic Curriculam and Assessment pattern for the Academic year 2017-19 and set a uniform and consistent Education policy designed and amended complying with the Constitutional guidelines and protection of Children’s Rights.  

Please refer for the Children’s Rights guidelines under the following websites

Dignified Sir's / Madam's,

 Please abandon the current Education policy of CBSE board[ 100% syllabus, only theoretical approach, rote-model, paper-pen based, exam-centric and not student-centric] Curriculam and  Assessment pattern for the Academic year 2017-2019.

Please make this issue a prime attention and address on priority basis before the X, XII board exams results are declared. The authorities need to review and analyze the outcomes of the current education policy implemented haphazardly in lieu of the CCE pattern(effective from 2009 till 2017).

In the wake of the outcome of GSEB class XII exams results(drastic downfall in passing percentile, tendency of anguish among parents and children, a girl commiting suicide due to failure in exams on the first day of result declaration), the CBSE in accordance to it’s results outcomes for the present year should deal with utmost dignity and in favour of Children’s rights.

School Education plays an important and pivotal role in inculcating and imbibing Values, Social norms, discipline, responsibility,etc to the future representatives and streghtening of our Country in all domains and parameters. 

As a partner to our developing  and emerging Nation and  as our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra  Modi focuses and projects India to be among the top five strongest and powerful Nation with a long Vision, We the stakeholders( including the Government bodies, Civil Society Organizations, Academic Institutions,  Teaching fraternities, Parents and many other concerned to the children) if work collectively to bring positive results and change nurturing and guiding the present and future generation children in various aspects viz. Education, Health(physical and mental), Employment and Civic engagement to the Society in large.

My point is to address the distress amongst the children and parents regarding the hazard of the sudden change in Education policy for the academic year 2017-19(the downfall in the outcomes from the results declared till now in grades till IX, and now the board results for grade X and XII awaiting,) reflects the failure of this policy and scraping mental health(if the authoriies makes an survey, they will find most of the children suffering with Anxiety, Stress, Sleep deprivation, hostility, Chronic fatigue, depression) of the innocent children who were pressurised to work hard focussing just academics. This further has affected the Adolescents(age 10-19) at large as they pass through lot of Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, Intellectual and Attitudinal transition phase. These are the crucial years for Self-Identity formation facing underlying  factors like enthusiasm, idealism, self-doubt and Anxiety.

My humble appeal to all the authorities above to revise the current amendment for the betterment of all the children and make a consistent, uniform Education Policy in immediate effect to run parallel across the Nation(includes Urban and Rural area CBSE schools and children enrolled with RTE act too).

Thanking You  all in kind and positive anticipation,

Bhavna Shah.