We Want Anime In Regional Dub

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Anime is the purest form of entertainment and it is a beautiful dream which every person in this world needs to experience in their life. Many big franchises like the MCU, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jackie Chan's movies are making big collections in India as they are being dubbed in all regional languages. Movies like Baahubali which are made in a particular language become an Indian sensation, when dubbed in all the regional languages. We want the same to be done for anime so that all can enjoy the medium in India.

A community, that enjoys watching anime films and shows, has started sprouting in India. We know this from, how Indians brought Tenki No Ko to India. In order for it to grow further and reach all sections of audiences, anime needs to be dubbed in regional languages. I understand that most Indian audiences have different tastes but we must be open and accept other different ideals and opinions.

Get this petition to the distributors' attention so that all people can experience anime which is a beautiful dream. I hope people who distribute anime in India can understand this concern.