Widespread tampering in Kendriya Vidyalaya RTE admissions to 1st standard

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Cabinet Minsiter, MHRD, GOI

More  than 3.5 lakh parents have submitted more than 6.5 lakh online applications for admission to 1200+ KV schools. On their behalf, I request you to investigate the facts listed below and redo the kendriya vidyalaya admissions with non-tampered data. I also request you take appropriate action against the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghatan authorities who have officially demanded software modification to enable the tampering.

Mr. U.N.Khaware , additional commissioner (academics), Kendriya Vidyalaya Sanghatan has ordered IIT Bombay (who developed the online software) to allow kendriya vidyalaya school principals to tamper the KV admission process for 1st standard admissions. An email trace is available with me and will be produced on  demand.

As per Mr. Khaware’s orders, KV school principals have the authority to accept incomplete (not submitted) applications even after the end date. They also have the authority to move applications across caste, income and service categories. The whole operation is to be carried out clandestinely without informing lakhs of parents who have submitted valid applications.

IIT Bombay professors have forbidden the software team from announcing this tampering to the affected parties. I was advisor to the software team (Aruna Adil, Rajanikant Jangir, Abinaya Venkatesan and Deepesh Pawar) which worked tirelessly for over a month to write software (after the software procured by the government last year by spending crores of rupees failed miserably). I had objected vociferously to this data tampering and insisted that a notice of this tampering must be published on the admission portal as the affected parties must be allowed to act. I had also pointed out that one must not use software to alter data in the system programmatically and that it is illegal to tamper with data provided by parents. Unfortunately I have been overruled (emails available with me) and the tampering will not be published. I am writing this after disassociating myself from IIT.

I had strongly recommended that the parents should have access to the lists that go into the RTE lottery. This is a standard practice across all lotteries and gives parents a chance to object to fraudulent entries. My recommendation for open access was turned down by KVS. Instead of making information available to the parents, the parent portal was closed down completely.

Before the tampering, KVS had started with a very clear documented process. The KV schools had the authority to inspect the forms and validate whether the uploaded documents were correct. If a parent had uploaded false documentation, the application was rejected. If a parent had uploaded incomplete documentation, he/she was contacted and asked to modify the application. Only valid forms were to be considered for RTE lottery. Teachers from 1200+ KV schools had, over the past week, found and rejected invalid applications using the software developed by IIT team. Mr. Khawar has vitiated this clear process through arbitrary orders.

I understand that there is a move afoot to allow applications with known bad documents to be included in the lottery (from sources - I have no proof). It is clear that admitting invalid applicants will lead to corruption later through the process of replacement .

It is obvious that once the form submission deadline is over, new forms should not be accepted. In spite of this, Mr. Khaware has ordered IIT to allow the schools to mark incomplete forms (which have not even been submitted) as complete (I have an email detailing this decision). This would allow schools to add new candidates to the list after expiry of the submission deadline (there are more than 1.6 lakh parents who have registered and not submitted any form). Moreover, this would give rise to widespread corruption at the school level where incomplete forms could be marked as complete on payment of  bribes.

It is crystal clear that once an application form is submitted to the school, the school has no authority to make changes to the form. The school can only accept or reject the form. In spite of this, Mr. Khaware has ordered IIT Bombay to allow the school principals to change very important parameters of the form (I have an email detailing this decision). The school principals are authorised to change the caste specification, the income category and the service category (among others) stated by the parent in the application. This is completely illegal and allows school authorities to accept bribes to move applications across categories.

It is possible that Mr. Khaware has modified/retracted some of the decisions (for which I have proof) after my threat (in writing) to go public with his wrongdoing. Given his meddlesome nature, it is likely that he has drummed up new measures/orders to vitiate the process (since I am no longer in the process loop). The undeniable fact is that Mr. Khaware is and has been interested in tampering with the process. He considers himself as an all powerful god. He has absolutely no interest in protecting the fairness of the admission process.

Mr. Javdekar, please investigate and find out what wrongs have been perpetrated by Mr. Khaware’s arbitrary decisions and arbitrary flip-flops. He is not fit to make any decisions, let alone make important decisions affecting lakhs of children. If the clean process has been vitiated by Mr. Khaware, please announce the errors and redo the admissions.

If you wish, you could also additionally investigate the clear corruption in procuring the KV software last year (was Mr. Khaware involved?). The government spent crores of rupees in procuring software which did not work!

I can submit the necessary email proof to substantiate all the above facts. Please contact me on awate_avinash@yahoo.com (preferred) or on 9869017719 to receive the proof. Most importantly, please publish what has happened and what actions you have taken to ensure fairness of the process.

avinash awate

B. Tech., M. Tech. IIT Bombay, advisor to the KVS admission portal software development