Reduction of NCERT Curriculum for 2018-19 students

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In a recent interview, the Minister of Human Resource Development has stated that the NCERT syllabus is more than what young minds can handle. Us students, find it very difficult to complete the course and even remember the same for the purposes of examinations.
We need to enjoy what we learn, to develop a love and understanding for the same. Besides school curriculum, all of us find pleasures in doing small things such as reading story books, writing, making crafts, trying our hands at building innovative machines etc. All are unique and have different potentials.
Unfortunately, the present curriculum leaves no time for the minds to bloom. The load of their regular studies is so heavy that it leaves little space for us to engage in  intellectual developmental activities.
School education and examinations are important, but it is equally important for us to enjoy that so that the grasping is better. It is also important for us to have some free space for ourselves. Otherwise we are moving towards being more like robots  rather than humans.
Support the petition so that the NCERT curriculum is reduced from the 2018-19 session whereby all students become beneficiaries of the same.