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DONT Approve GMO Mustard!!!

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This is to express my serious opposition to the possible approval of Genetically Modified (GM) Mustard into India, given that there are news report now confirming that Delhi University transgenic crop developers have moved an application for approval for commercial cultivation of their transgenic mustard hybrid called DMH11.

This DMH11, like other GMOs, will have objectionable health and environmental impacts, going by the experience of other similar GMOs like GM canola in other countries. Super weeds are a real problem, in addition to health impacts of herbicides used on such crops. Contamination of other varieties of mustard is inevitable, and as you know, this has serious implications given that India is a Centre of Diversity for mustard.

It is unimaginable that the regulators have entertained this application at each stage and allowed it to come to this stage, when policy directives should have been used long ago to stop the onward march of this unneeded and unwanted transgenic crop. It is unneeded because non-GM hybrids of mustard do exist in the market, and importantly, yield improvements in mustard crop are highly impressive through some recent agro-ecological practices adopted like System of Mustard Intensification. It is unwanted, like all other GMOs in our food and farming systems, as the resounding NO that this country heard from citizens during the Bt brinjal debate, and from the resounding NO emerging from state governments which have even refused to allow field trials of this GMO. In such a situation, it is absolutely unacceptable that the regulators would even consider such an application and process it. Regulators should have used the recommendations that have come out from the judiciary-based, parliamentary and executive inquiry and study processes into the subject of GM crops, all of which recommended against crops like this GM mustard.

The safety of this GM mustard is unknown and regulators are hiding important information from the public to protect the interests of crop developers. What exactly is being hidden and why?

We demand that the regulators put out all the biosafety information on this GMO for public scrutiny, as laid down by CIC and Supreme Court Orders in the past.

We would like to remind the GoI that the BJP in its election manifesto has expressly given us an assurance against the entry of such GMOs. Please do not go back on your commitment.

We also warn the government against any moves to approve this GMO.
We will not allow the choices of our farmers and consumers to be violated by the introduction of an unsafe, irreversible and uncontrollable technology; we demand that the regulators do not process this application. It is within your capacity to intervene at this stage and ensure that the regulators - who have time and again proven their apathy, incapability, conflict of interest, lack of scientificity and lack of transparency - do not go against public interest in any way.


Dhandayudhapani Murugan

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