Trivandrum- Mumbai CST weekly train should run VIA PUNE

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Subject: Trivandrum- Mumbai CST weekly train should continue to run VIA PUNE.

Respected Sir,

The Current "Trivandrum- Mumbai CST weekly express/16332" runs via Pune Station.  There has been news articles in the Press that there  is proposal to exclude Pune Station from  16332 train route.

The citizens of Pune strongly oppose this move to remove the 16332 train and we want the Train 16332 to run via Pune.

As per estimates, there are over 6 lakh Malayalees in Pune. All of us face serious  problems in travelling by Train to Kerala because of Shortage of Trains to Kerala from Pune.

All these years, Pune citizens have been neglected by Indian Railways. The earlier Netravati Express to Kerala which  used to run through Pune was also similarily Re-Routed and Pune was excluded from the Netravati Express route.

We want the Indian Railways to consider Pune as an Important Junction and all these trains running down south to Kerala should be routed via Pune. If the Trains have to Run Via Konkan/Panel/Kalyan, then all these Trains should originate from Pune.  

We want you to issue a Press Note :
1. Clarifying that "Trivandrum- Mumbai CST weekly express/16332" will continue to run through Pune
2. Also more trains between Kerala and Pune will be introduced to cater to the needs of Pune Citizens.   

Yours Sincerely,
On Behalf
All Malyalees Associations, All Concerned Malyalees,
All Citizens of  Pune