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Petitioning Chief Minister of Odisha Shri Naveen Patnaik

To force an effective River Regulation Zone in Orissa

“More than 2 million  hit in 10 districts in Odisha/Orissa Floods...” - Sep.’  2011

The state of Odisha/Orissa has always been prone to floods and natives residing in flood prone areas have gone through tough times. A typical day in the life of flood vicitim in Odisha/Orissa.

Here’s a story coming from a Bank of India (Bhubaneshwar - branch) representative,“I have never seen such devastation,” says Jogania, who has arrived from Bhubaneswar to take stock of the losses. “The bank will take more than a month to get working again. Look at the strong room. The water was so forceful that it threw a massive iron box down like it was a matchbox. Our strong rooms are fire-proof, but they have no answer to the water.” The flood-filled ATM machine next to the bank stands a witness to the devastation.
(Source:Indian Express)

There are many such stories and most of them are unattended. Although, Odisha/Orissa has been facing this problem for years now, it’s time for the State take strict action and do effective crisis management.

What can be done?

A better way to frame this would be ‘What is the state govt. doing? Recently media reports say that the Secretary, Water Resources of the Govt. of Odisha/Orissa has issued a letter to Bhubaneswar Development Authority and Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation to take strong steps and see that no residential areas are built on flood plains. While we welcome this move, we see this as too little and ‘lip service’ to the real problem of increasing flood menace in the state.

While, there have been many relief concerns, it seems that the state govt. has gone slow on the rehabilitation work, there are certain actions which can help many who suffered incredible amount of losses due to these natural disasters. The Odisha/Orissa State Govt. needs to form an effective river regulation zone, rehabilitate and provide the right relief necessary for the flood victims.

Tell Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to show his concern for the flood victims of Odisha/Orissa that you care about them and will not let them continue to live in fear and dismay.

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