Why Recruiting Agricultural Engineers Could Be The Way To Achieving A Green Revolution!

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Respected Prime Minister sir,


I am an Agricultural Engineer, belongs to Gujarat.

Sir, in Gujarat state governments have been doing a commendable job by providing subsidy on inputs, easy and affordable credits and supply of free power and waiving off old dues to our farming community. Both the Chief Ministers have a grand vision and want to implement Agricultural Mechanization Schemes in the states to bring down the Cost of Cultivation, Increase productivity, Produce Quality, and Reduce Post Harvest losses. To achieve this goal, technically qualified personnel are essential in the States, the available persons are not being used effectively.

Here are the various technological specializations where Agricultural Engineers are now a necessity.

Farm Mechanization

Watershed Management

Land and Water Management

Micro – Irrigation of Agriculture and Horticulture crops

Post Harvest Technologies

Energy Conservation in Agriculture

There are certain Central and State schemes to try and reduce the cost of cultivation and increase the productivity in the states, thereby helping the farming community in the states for their economic progress. Govt. of India has also suggested the states to utilize the services of Agricultural Engineering Graduates. States like Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra have Department of Agricultural Engineering with many schemes in spreading new technologies in Agriculture. But in Gujarat state despite having several agricultural engineers seeking jobs, the respective governments have failed in utilizing them effectively.

Agricultural Engineers can be positioned for implementation of engineering activities like Farm Mechanization, soil and water conservation, water management and post harvest activities in the department with more sense of responsibility. Awareness can be built among the farmers community on farm mechanization, micro and macro irrigation and a reduction of 6-10% in input cost can be achieved, improvement in irrigation efficiency, and post harvest losses up to 7% can be greatly reduced which leads to 10-15% net profit to the farmers apart from reducing the depletion of ground water and optimum utilization of ground water.

Activities at farmer level as mentioned below can be done by only an Agricultural Engineer,

Demonstration of Agriculture Machinery and Implements.

Training programme to Farmers and Rural Youth on operation and maintenance of Agricultural Implements.

Rain Water Harvesting and Runoff Management Programme.

Master plan – Artificial Recharge to Ground Water.

Soil Conservation in Tribal areas under Integrated Tribal Development Programme.

Soil and Water Conservation under Hill Area Development Programme.

Formation of Farmer Group including free package of machinery and training on operation and maintenance of Farm Machinery.

Provision of Diesel Engine Pump set with Rain Gun/ Portable Sprinkler Irrigation System for Critical Life Saving Supplemental Irrigation.

Only Agricultural Engineers can suggest the repairs and maintenance of farm implements & machinery, longevity of irrigation equipment is the main constraint, which is hindering the popularization of engineering schemes. This can be overcome by creating skilled man power in rural areas by establishing skill development centers under the guidance of Agricultural Engineers. Unemployed youth can be trained on Farm mechanization and micro irrigation equipment repairs and self employment can be created. This will result in employment generation, familiarization of farm equipment and improving the longevity of farm equipment.

By recruiting for an Agricultural Engineer post at mandal level in each district of our state, apart from implementing the engineering schemes of the department, at least Rs.1000 crores net benefit can be passed on to the farmers by way of reducing input cost, reducing post harvest losses and improving the irrigation efficiency in the initial years and profit can be improved every year as the schemes percolate effectively to the farming community.

Hope Farming Community in our  state and Agricultural Sector improve with the new technologies that Agricultural Engineers are creating continuously.

Sir, I am sure, we young and dynamic Agricultural Engineers will serve for multi tasks in the Government if we are there in the Government.

We Want Justice



Agricultural Engineer