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Why Hindu temples are soft targets for secular governments?

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Have you ever seen a church or masjid being under the administration of government in the whole state; or even in the whole country? Have you ever read an Urus being inaugurated by a Hindu IAS officer anywhere? Any instance of these amounts collected in any church being taken by government for distributing to all sections of society?

Answer to all three above questions is obvious. Thousands of Hindu temples which are looked upon with reverence and devotion by crores are today under administration of governments! The amount we offer on a temple get appropriated for building the house for a person in some other village who never prostate before this deity. The chariot festival which we celebrate with all devotion gets inaugurated by an officer belonging to another community. Leave all this aside; govts are not able to provide a decent building for the temples which they look for income generation.
The governments are still thirsty for more! Any temple which is running smoothly is their target. New addition to this unending list is Sri Mahabaleshwara temple, Gokarna, which is revered as Varanasi of South by devotees....

This temple which was under the administration of SriMatha was taken over by the government earlier too paying to the vested interests and Mir Sadiks. Looking at threes sad state of affairs, the elected representatives of these locality took cognizance of the popular sentiments and government had to rectify it's mistake on 2008 by returning the temple administration to SriMatha.

The administration which came thus to SriMatha was proved to be a boon and  what followed was a miracle. Facilities to devotees increased manifold.  Where there was scarcity of drinking water devotees started getting free food, two times a day, non-stop since 2008!  Scholarships to poor students were started and lakhs of rupees distributed year after year by temple. Traditional rituals which had stopped at the temple were started again! Vow of chanting a crore Rudras! Entry fee for Darshan was removed and last person in society was accorded a right of free Darshan – without considering his cast or creed! Every living soul has been allowed ‘sparsha darshan’, the facility to touch and worship Atmaling by hand.

Add to this complete transparency in administration. Every paise which comes to the temple has been accounted for. Not a single rupee which came to the temple has been misused by Matha; instead, devotees of SriMatha have spent their hard earned money for the development of the temple. SriMatha is firm that it does not have any expectations from the temple except managing it transparently with a view to ensure strict adherence to rituals, provide complete divine experience to the visitors, to look after the welfare for the people at the temple and in society.
Now the question is, out of all this, which act of SriMatha was offensive to the powers that be? Or whether the mistake was not allowing any mischief to be played at the temple administration? Or is it administering and developing a hindu temple in an exemplary way without any self-interest? Please note, the hindu devotees won’t take it kindly – entire society has to unite in opposing this evil design. If we keep quiet, this will only be a beginning, the government will get enough bone to interfere in other temples and Mathas for frivolous reasons. Days are not far when our own temples and Mathas are managed by someone else in front of our own eyes!
Lets us protest against this injustice in a constitutional way – join hands, lets protest the interference of government in administration of temples and Mathas.
#savehindutemples #gobackfromgokarna

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